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Our machining facilities cover both CNC Turning and CNC Milling

Doosan-cnc lathe @ AOT Engineering, FakenhamA.O.T offers a 1 off to a high volume precision engineering service in various materials such as Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Plastics and Tungum.

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) benefits the customer by producing components with repetition and accuracy. Complex components and assemblies are made with ease, high speed precision machining to shorten lead times.

Turning- Producing components by ‘turning’ the chosen bar of material and using a cutting tool to cut that material to size at high speeds. The bar can be fed into the the turning lathe automatically with various shaped tips to produce different shapes and angles.

Boring- Turning can also involve ‘boring’ which is the enlarging of an existing hole and can be straight, tapered or irregular contours.

Facing- This involves a flat surface to be created using a tip to leave a nice finish on the chosen material.

Parting- This is how a certain section of a work piece (usually completed) is severed/cut from the remainder of the bar.

Threading- This is also known as screw cutting or tapping, it’s the process in which a thread is formed on the chosen material and can be in many different sizes, internally or externally.

CNC Milling- This is a cutting process in which the chosen material is removed using a rotating cutting tool. Milling offers drilling, tapping, slots frames and thread milling. Degrees, bevels, grooves, rounded edges and angles can be created using this method on the top edge of a block or wall of the material.